Dear all,

A couple of weeks ago our brother Michael "Bleu" Adjennian passed away. He was the originator, the driving force of the label, and without him we decided not to continue. Everything that we have done is now part of his legacy, there will not be anymore releases neither from NEVERDEAD, THE TRUE NEVERDEAD nor SUCEZ-VOUS RECORDS.

We have seen that some of you guys placed some orders right after his passing and we are grateful for your support. Nonetheless all the orders, both wholesale and those from private individuals, will be refunded. There will not be anymore sendings from us and once everything has been settled, the label will go dormant indefinitely.

If you have an order pending, let us know (with all available details, order number, items ordered and quantity), we will get back to you.

We would like to thank you all for these years of support, we had a great time working on all these projects and we will always cherish what we have accomplished.

BM & T

Never Dead   The True Neverdead